Coeur d’alene Family Caretaker Exploitation, Absue and Neglect 18-1505 Violations

Documented Alleged Victim Crimes. Evidence is Conclusive That Vulnerable Person Victims are Intentional Repeating Targets of: 1) Exploitation, 2) Collusion, 3) Professional Negligence, 4) Fraud, 5) Abuse, 6) Falsified Court Documents (Fraud upon the Court), 7) Contradictory Court Motions, 10) False Witness Accounts, 11) Fraudulent Estate Documents. ~|~ The evidence is confirmed by Court Documents, Legitimate Witness account, Recordings (Idaho), Bank Statements all which prove the undue influence, intentional professional negligence, fraudulent concealment, the substantially altered estate plans of physically infirm, neurocognitively impaired (dementia) vulnerable persons via post. dementia onset, physical illness which renders person dependent upon otherwise and therefor substantially vulnerable to exploitation by those mistakenly entrusted with their care.

Coeur d’alene Family Caretaker Exploitation, Abuse and Neglect 18-1505 Violations

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