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    Model Number: WSE-200/250/315
    Technical Specifications of Inverter ARC AC DC TIG Welding Machine
    For GTAW of carbon and stainless steels, the selection of a filler material is important to prevent excessive porosity. Oxides on the filler material and workpieces must be removed before welding to prevent contamination, and immediately prior to welding, alcohol or acetone should be used to clean the surface. Preheating is generally not necessary for mild steels less than one inch thick, but low alloy steels may require preheating to slow the cooling process and prevent the formation of martensite in the heat-affected zone. Tool steels should also be preheated to prevent cracking in the heat-affected zone. Austenitic stainless steels do not require preheating, but martensitic and ferritic chromium stainless steels do. A DCEN power source is normally used, and thoriated electrodes, tapered to a sharp point, are recommended. Pure argon is used for thin workpieces, but helium can be introduced as thickness increases.
    Quick Details of Inverter ARC AC DC TIG Welding Machine
    Pulse Frequency: 50/60HZ
    Pilot Arc Current: 10A/20A
    Rated Duty Cycle: 60%
    Motor Type: DC Motor
    Usage: welding
    Voltage: 220V/380V
    After-sales Service Provided:
    Overseas third-party support available
    Name: Ac dc tig welder
    Insulation class: F
    Protection degree: IP21S
    Packaging & Delivery of Inverter ARC AC DC TIG Welding Machine
    Packaging Details
    color carton(MOQ:500pcs)
    Delivery Time
    Shipped in 30 days after payment Tig Welder